Practicing gratitude


My journey into the jewelry design world began many years ago when I lost most of my hearing. I awoke one morning with an extremely loud engine-like noise in my head and three hours later, 90% of my hearing was gone.

Initially, I was very upset and focused on my loss. Asking “why me” and seeking a solution from various specialists.  The engine sound was always present, my new unwelcomed companion. After some time, I realized that I didn’t want to be stuck in the dumps. I began writing daily in a gratitude journal, taking time to notice the beauty around me and giving thanks for family and friends. What a powerful practice, going through the day with a thankful heart! My circumstances didn’t change…I still had a severe hearing loss…but my perspective and attitude did a complete flip.

One day, I decided to enroll in a jewelry making class. I discovered, much to my delight, that when I was working on a piece, the engine sound was no longer in the forefront. Thank you! Here was the calm that I needed in my storm.  The class was very relaxing, I had found not only relief but also a great medium for creativity. I continued taking classes and reading jewelry making books. I started receiving inquiries regarding the jewelry I was wearing and thus began DC Blue Designs.  What started as a form of therapy evolved into a business.

Giving thanks in all of my circumstances has been transforming, turning frustration into joy and creativity. It continues to be an amazing gift that I try to pass along. Now, when I participate in events, I use words of affirmation and gratitude in my display, and also place an affirming word in each gift box.

Every day I am grateful for the people and things, great and small in my life.

May my story inspire you to notice the good in your life and encourage you to experience the joy of gratitude. It’s a life changer!

Peace and Blessings,