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Pearls and Leather

Sep 26, 2014

When it comes to jewelry, I go in phases. What I’m making or wearing can change like the tides. Currently, I am focused on creating pieces using my favorite gem, fresh water pearls. I enjoy coming up with designs that incorporate the pearls with leather or linen.

A while ago, to accommodate leather work, I purchased some large holed pearls. I experimented with the pearls and leather using a wide variety of knots until I settled on three knots which create a feel and look that compliments the pearls. They are the overhand knot, lark’s head knot, and the alternating half hitch. The alternating half hitch is my favorite. I love to wear the Even Keel Bracelet, which features this knot, stacked with the Charlotte Bracelet. This knot is also found in the Boardwalk Bracelet.

Pearls and Leather-1
Pearls and Leather-2

Pearls have been around for centuries, and are typically used in clean and beautiful, but very formal designs. It is fun to add a twist to such a classic making it modern and hip.

Read the following article for more information on pearls. http://www.gemsociety.org/article/freshwater-pearls-jewelry-and-gemstone-information/

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